The relationship between users and programmes was very different from todays. In bygone days, when a company wanted to install the company’s billing programme in all of its computers, this had to be done on a one-by-one basis. It’s not the case nowadays, due to the work of developers dedicated to web app development.
A web application is an app like any other, with the advantage that it’s stored on the Internet and can be executed on any browser.
They don’t take up space on the hard disk. This is very important now, especially as Ultrabooks are becoming increasingly fashionable. Ultrabooks are computers that are very powerful and very thin but have a small internal storage capacity. Therefore, tools stored on the Internet can be decisive for saving memory.
the company would only have to install the application once and then any employee could work with the application soundly.
There are no compatibility issues. All operating systems carry a built-in browser, so a web app can run on all desktop, smartphone, and tablet operating systems regardless of the operating system in particular.
This is really useful for large companies with different branches, as well as for students, entrepreneurs and plenty of users who need certain programmes but would rather avoid filling their computers with applications.
Quick and easy maintenance. Large companies only have to solve a given issue once, not address it on a one-by-one basis on every single computer.
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